“Save money & help others”

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Simply 'drag and drop' or 'Save' these images to make your messages about kindness fun and exciting. 


Fun Graphic Buttons:



CommonKindness Logo

CommonKidnness Logo 1









Save money & help others badge

Please Note: If using this image, the graphic prompts people to click here, so be sure to link to the CommonKindness site, such as www.CommonKindness.com

Thank you for helping spread the word so more people can Save Money & Help Others.


Links to connect your buttons to:

The CommonKindness homepage: www.CommonKindness.com

The CommonKindness Coupon Gallery: www.CommonKindness.com/printable-grocery-coupons-1

The CommonKindness 'About Us' Page: www.CommonKindness.com/more/about-us




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