“Save money & help others”

School Fundraiser

CommonKindness makes it simple to raise funds for your school, PTA/PTO, clubs, sports teams and more!

You'll find lots of ideas below, as well as simple materials you can print to send home, post in your community and email to friends and family.

Why a CommonKindness fundraiser?

  • It's easy to ask people to help by saving money for their family!
  • Family and friends that are not local can still help because CommonKindness is nationwide
  • You can activate a free profile on CommonKindness use free tools to help you spread the word about your campaign.CommonKindness even lets you send free emails and eNewsletters from the site!

Fun Campaign Ideas to get started


We would love to hear from you! Share your campaign ideas with us: BackToSchool@CommonKindness.com

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CommonKindness Teen Interns

Campaign Kids

We did a summer internship with CommonKindness! We learned all about the site and how we can use it to raise funds for our schools, sports teams, clubs and more.

"I'm raising money for my school as part of my community service hours. I'm asking local businesses to post their coupons on CommonKindness to support the school. I'm also creating a Facebook campaign to let people know they can help every time they save money with CommonKindness." -Aidan, age 16

"I am using CommonKindness to raise $1,000 for my crew team. Our boat right now has duct tape patching the holes! I'm asking everyone on our crew team to get their parents and two family friends to clip coupons with CommonKindness to save money for themselves and help us meet our goal." - Alyssa, age 15

"I'm building a campaign to see how many people I can get to go to CommonKindness to clip coupons starting with my own email list of about 150 people. I'm asking them all to tell 10 friends about CommonKindness.com. I'll let you know how fast it grows!" - Rowan, age 13

"I am raising $300 to get new uniforms for my swim team. I've asked everyone on the team to get their friends and families involved - including grandparents and aunts and uncles who may live out of state. They can help, too, and save money at the same time!" - Hailey, age 14