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"Common Kindness isn't your average coupon site.  Lovin' Scoopful has been thrilled to work with CommonKindness to offer our highest value discount coupons to date!  It is the only site that has $1.50 off of Lovin' Scoopful and we did it because we know that CommonKindness has the same sort of giving spirit that we do.  We are asking all of our friends and colleagues to "Like" CommonKindness and to take advantage of the great savings that help others!"

- Tamara Gordy, Dir. of Business Development, Lovin' Scoopful


"I LOVE your site! I'm able to find so many coupons for organic products, which can be a challenge."

- Kelly Decoteau, Our Natural Nest


"Electronic devices usually present a barrier to communications. We feel CommonKindness is using technology to create a real tangible capability to touch other people's lives."

- Joel R. Henry president and founder Fig Food Co.


"CommonKindness provides a fantastic coupon dashboard which allows Cabot to create and manage coupons in real time. All of the coupons are processed seamlessly through our standard clearinghouse and redemption procedure. In addition, every coupon redeemed supports causes in the communities where our customers shop & live."

- Ian Ormon, Retail Promotions and Events Mgr., Cabot Creamery Cooperative


"As a mom who is trying to teach her the importance of being kind, and a blogger who thrives on getting good deals, Common Kindness is the best of both worlds! With today's economy, we may not be able to afford to donate as much monetarily as we used to, but now we can, with just one click! Thank you Common Kindness for all you do!"

- Dana Potgieter, Couponing With Integrity 


"Common Kindness is the perfect site for couponers, as it offers coupons for hard to find products AND allows you to give back to others. I love that I am helping others when I redeem the coupons...it is a win win for everyone!"

- Collin Morgan, Owner of Hip2Save.com


"I think the nonprofit connection is a great feature. Couponers are always looking for ways they can give back. To be able to help others while saving money themselves is just a perfect combination."

- Cindy Livesey, Living Rich with Coupons


"Thank you commonkindess for allowing us to be part of something that will make a difference in the world. It is such a win-win situation for our customers and for all those charities out there. We feel privileged!"

- Carolyn Harrington, Maty's Healthy Products


"OMG! i am loooooving your awesome coupons and the excellent work your site is doing. you totally rock! :)"

- Caitlin Chapman


"Thank you for helping me support Great Lakes Outreach and save money at the same time!"

- Shawn DuPre


"CommonKindness has made it possible for me to financially support my children's school while I save money on food and groceries my family uses every day. We live on a tight budget and I used to feel badly that I wasn't able to contribute more to the school. Now I feel great because I am saving money and raising money at the same time!"

          - Liz T. (Parent at Willow Creek Academy)


"....you get to clip and save through online coupons and brand discounts but unlike other sites, this one allows you to give back a little something to non-profits in need...."

          - BlissTree.com


"Wow! I can save money and at the same time help my daughter's PTO. Thank you for offering such a great program."

          - Mert Cook, Marshall, VA


"Thank you for offering an alternative method of fundraising. It is so hard these days to ask people for money. I will not have a problem passing this information to my friends and family because I am saving them money and at the same time they can support my granddaughter's swim team."

          - Alice Burnett, Ellensburg WA


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