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Solar Electric Light Fund

Change a village. Change the world.

About Us
The Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) is fighting climate change and global poverty with solar power. With your help families can lift themselves out of poverty by having clean, safe water to drink; food to eat; vaccinations to prevent disease; light to study and work by; computers at school to help them learn; and power to increase their income. Change a village ... Change the world.

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Carbon offsets

The Solar Electric Light Fund, Inc. (SELF) helps individuals and organizations go carbon neutral. A recent example of our efforts was profiled in WIRED magazine. YES! I Want to Join SELF’S Carbon Neutral Club That’s great! It’s a quick, easy two-step: Step One: Calculate your emissions by choosing a carbon calculator to work out what your personal emissions were for last year. For one example of a carbon calculator, see www.epa.gov/climatechange. Step Two: After using the calculator, click here to make your contribution to SELF, at $10 per ton. Welcome to SELF’s Carbon Neutral Club! You can also offset the emissions from a flights, or holiday. Go to www.chooseclimate.org/flying to calculate your emissions from flying, then return here to offset them, at $10 per ton.


SELF executive director Bob Freling is a regular speaker at public forums and conferences. He is a thought leader and compelling presenter. Topics include: Energy is a Human Right The Solar Integrated Model for Development in Rural Communities Energy Poverty: Challenges and Solutions Lessons Learned from the Solar Electric Light Fund A Solar Blueprint for Whole Village Development Please contact SELF to receive a promotional packet that includes: Demo video in front of a live audience Press Kit: current bio, articles that have been published Fee Schedule for a keynote, full day, half-day, non-profit, etc. List of Topics/Presentations Photograph


We offer a number of constantly-evolving consultancy services. These include: Project Design and Management - including development, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of programs and complex projects with international multi-disciplinary teams. Institutional and Organizational Development - helping government, communities and other development actors work more effectively to deliver vital services. Training and Capacity Building - conducting training for men and women in the local community, training trainers and building the capacity for poor communities. Market Analysis and Participatory Approaches - carrying out studies to identify needs and opportunities for technology change towards sustainable production. Product Development - developing appropriate technology solutions in collaboration with communities. Technology Assessment and Feasibility Studies - evaluating appropriateness and adapting techonlogies to the needs and context of developing communities. Start Up Services - establishing in-country for-profit burinesses across the globe for governmental agencies and private companies interested in buiding sustainable businesses. To find out more about how our participatory approach to development can help you to achieve your objectives, please contact us at: info@self.org

A look at what we do

The Solar Integrated Development ( SID) Model developed by SELF is based on three principles: SELF Determination - Villagers choose the solar electrification projects based on their needs. The community determines its own priorities and participates in all phases including design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. SELF Help - Families purchase their solar home systems through microcredit financing. Villagers participate in the ownership of community systems, spreading development funds further to help more people. SELF Reliance - Village men and women receive training to install, maintain and replicate their solar systems. Initial project funding provides spare parts, and local partners establish the supply chain to support future needs.

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